Fully operational emergency lights and exit signs are critical during a power outage or emergency.  They require monthly checks and annual inspections.  Contact GMR 410 and learn how our experts can help you implement a compliance plan for emergency lighting at your locations.

Emergency & Exit Lights

At some point, you’re bound to experience an emergency.  When that time comes, it is crucial your emergency lights and exit signs are fully operational to help guide everyone inside to safety.  Functioning lights lead to safer evacuation.  Don’t leave emergency lighting to chance.

Monthly Inspections

The NFPA requires emergency lights and exit signs to undergo a 30-second test every month.  Our technicians will not only complete this test, they will also provide documentation for your records.

Annual Inspections

The NFPA also requires that emergency lights simulate being on battery backup for 90 minutes every year.  Our technician will take care of this for you, plus they will visually and physically inspect your unit and provide detailed documentation for your records.

Scheduled Service

Having a recurring program in place will benefit you in the long run. We will schedule all your future visits on a regular rotation ensuring that your equipment is in compliance and working order before we leave your property.