Part of being protected is being prepared.  Our fire extinguisher protection service helps you establish and manage a plan for your fire extinguishers in accordance with NFPA standards.  Contact GMR 410 and learn how our experts can help you implement a compliance plan for fire extinguishers at your locations.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

With professional inspections, you will have the confidence that you are keeping your fire extinguishers functioning properly and ready to go.

Monthly Inspections

The NFPA requires an inspection of your extinguisher every month.  Our technicians will visually inspect each unit, clean and check the pull pin and provide documentation of the inspection.

Extinguisher Replacement

Our service professionals can replace broken or expired units and safely discard old devices, saving you time and money.

Scheduled Service

Having a recurring program in place will benefit you in the long run. We will schedule all your future visits on a regular rotation, ensuring that your equipment is in compliance and in working order before we leave your property.