Security teams are regularly challenged with doing more, but budgets are rarely increased to meet the demands to attract and retain qualified, credentialed security professionals. Threats and risks look different and are ever changing. Security challenges range in complexity and scope, from internal threats to crime risk mitigation and disaster response. GMR Security’s experts embed within your teams, providing the knowledge, expertise, and talent you need. GMR Security’s Embedded Services include a range of security professionals specializing in Business Continuity, Corporate Security Management, Emergency Preparedness, GSOC Operations, Physical Security, Security Specialists, Security Program Management, Security System Design & Integration, and Travel Security. Our embedded service professionals have direct impact and value for your organization, solving your challenges without increasing headcount.


Increase productivity, service quality, business performance and value to the organization. Our tenured experts will help achieve goals, meet deadlines, place security strategies into action and alleviate your project overload. There is no downtime. We start working immediately and collaborate with internal teams.


Receive experienced security professionals delivering solutions tailored for your organization. With decades of experience in Corporate Security, we understand the unique challenges faced across the security threat landscape.

Scalability & Savings

With a focus on the defined need and budget, we scale up or down, providing security professionals when needed, where needed. Quality service without added headcount.

Examples of Embedded Services

  • BCP Analyst
  • GSOC Analyst
  • Security System Design
  • Security Managers and Specialists
  • Threat Analyst
  • Travel Risk Management