Our security consultants have decades of experience advising regional and global clients across numerous industries including automotive, construction, energy, financial services, real estate and more. GMR 410’s services help create a safe environment with thorough threat assessments, policy and procedure review and development, and security audits. Unfortunately – and often without warning – a crisis occurs. Such events may include natural or manmade disasters or criminal activities. Tap into GMR 410’s experience to ensure that you and your teams are prepared to respond to any crisis management or emergency situation.

Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessments

Effective security begins with understanding your vulnerabilities. Our proven methodology examines security from all angles to properly mitigate risks within the operating environment, to include the electronics utilized and human activity.

Security Audits and Reviews

Security audits and reviews assess how effectively your Firm’s security policies and procedures are being implemented. Our consultants will uncover where security gaps exist and help identify issues driving non-compliance with the security program.

Policy and Procedure Review and Development

The evolving world of security requires continual evaluation of policies and updating of procedures to address emerging threats. Our consultants are available to comprehensively analyze and test your existing policies and procedures and work with you to develop more robust and customized programs.

Security Planning Services

  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response
  • Pre-Transaction Due Diligence
  • Post-Transaction Due Diligence
  • Request for Proposal Content Development
  • Training