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ATM Physical Attacks on the Rise

There continues to be an increase in physical security attacks of ATMs in multiple locations across the United States.  In these types of attacks, a large vehicle with a hook-and-chain assembly attached is used to rip the safe door from the terminal. Attackers place a hook or hooks connected to the chain into the safe […]

Civil Unrest Preparedness Quick Guide

Civil Unrest Preparedness Advanced preparedness can help reduce risk Preparing for any type of crisis or emergency is a shared responsibility within an organization.  Advanced preparedness efforts can help reduce risks. Our Security Experts have outlined some of the steps to consider taking when such events require organizations to modify plans on the fly and […]

Robust Solutions for an Evolving Threat Landscape

Are you prepared for the myriad of ever changing threats to your facilities? Your corporate threat landscape requires a holistic, flexible and rigorous approach to identifying, reducing and managing risks. Threats of violence, the global health crisis, geopolitical issues, financial concerns and threats to reputation are ever evolving risks organizations face daily, no matter their […]

GMR 410 Publishes White Paper on ATM Crime

GMR 410 has published a white paper on ATM crime. Written by Mary Gates, Vice President of Security, this publication provides readers a description of the different types of ATM related crime, along with regulations and tactics to mitigate incidents. “Throughout my career in bank security,” says Gates, “I found state and local regulations, types […]

The End of 3G

RAISING AWARENESS:  Are you ready for the end of 3G? What does the end of 3G wireless technology mean for your organization? Any devices currently using 3G will go dark at the end of 2020 or early 2022[1].  If you have Alarm Systems, ATMs, Cash Recyclers, Smart Safes, or similar equipment running on 3G, have […]

Banks: Protect Your Branches

PROTECT YOUR BRANCHES: Safeguard your customers and staff by identifying risks and taking action Banks and other financial institutions are faced with the critical challenge of ensuring the protection of their people, assets and information. Security officers should utilize an ongoing assessment program to monitor and respond to changing risks and threats. Known as a […]

Hurricane Season Readiness

There have been 26 separate billion-dollar severe storms in the United States since 2017. With hurricane season upon us, it is incumbent everyone is prepared to respond to a hurricane weather emergency. Follow @GMR1INC In our last blog post, we discussed tornado readiness. In this entry, we turn our attention to hurricanes. This information is […]

Planning and Preparing for Tornadoes

Tornadoes are some of the most dangerous and destructive storms on Earth. They develop almost without warning, leaving little time to react. Unlike other natural disasters that typically occur in a specific geographic region, tornadoes have been documented in every state. In advance of a storm, taking precautions, such as developing an emergency plan, can […]